When most people decide to start and establish their business, they start with the product they're selling and go from there. However, that's not what the owner of Cuvee Candle Company did.
     The store in quaint, small, river town is nestled in the heart of Kentucky on Broadway. His store is an eclectic mixture of fragrant candles of various scents such as Creme Brûlée, Sweet Basil, and local favorite Mahogany Wood.
     Self taught, the owner, has spent a copious amount of time and energy to put all he has into his line of candles. From experimenting with different waxes, scents, and wicks shows that his devotion to his craft goes much deeper. Although proud of his product, he ultimately opened Cuvee Candle Company for a much more personal and fulfilling reason. That's why he developed Cuvée's name and logo long before the product launched. 
       When he moved to Paducah four years ago, the gazebo on Broadway endeared him and he immediately thought of his father's gazebo. He wanted to incorporate the gazebo, his passion for business, and the memory of his father into one. Out of this, Cuvee Candle Company was developed. 
     "Cuvee" is a term which means blend of wine. He knew exactly what his vision was, blending the past with the future together. He simply stated, "I thought I'd truly enjoy making candles." And that he does! "It's something new everyday, picking what scents and fragrances are complimentary to one another.  
     Partnering with long time friend from the same area of the country (originally from Greenville, MS) and owner of Doe's Eat Place (across the street from the downtown gazebo in Paducah). It's inspiring to do what you love. And that's exactly what you see in this product and company. A perfect blend of legacy, inspiration, and a handcrafted, unique product that prides itself on all of these components combined.